Co Knol


(in development)

The Conductor; Controller

of the crowd



Your comfort-zone is the psychological state where you

believe you are in control, loosing this control raises anxiety and generates a stress response. But what is this abstract idea of our comfort-zone, where our uncertainty, scarcity and vulnerability are minimized? Why do we need this?


Confronting myself with stepping out of my comfort-zone created a response of unexpected emotions. Being in a state of isolation made me realize the urge of needing to be in control and search for familiarity in my surroundings.


The idea of ones comfort-zone made me question the control we have over it and what I actually need to reconstruct it. In the investigation I used the technique of ‘coaching cards’ which are used by therapists and psychologists to raise and create a better self-image, awareness, self-confidence and to learn to tell in words what is living inside you.

Medium: Photographic collages, cards


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